Catherine Skye

Putting the muse back into music…
Welcome to my page! I am 20 years old from Toronto, Canada & I wish to share my music with you. I am also a dancer and love to explore the creative possibilities of different musical instruments.

“This song has a good beat and a good tune to it, I think this song could be the next big thing. This song is great and the singer is amazing so I think that this song will be a hit soon. I hope that this song does good in the music business.”
Crowd Review for Dreams Tonight

“The vocals are very appealing, you have an attractive tone to your voice that i could listen to for hours. The lyrics are something that most people will be able to relate to in one way or another. The instrumental layout of the song is well produced and has a great tempo. The beat has me tapping my foot along with it. I can see this song in the charts and being a huge hit.”