At the Revival Bar on Friday, January 6th Catherine Skye will be performing original songs, and covers, as part of the Landmark Showcase Festival in front of fans and music industry representatives.

Catherine Skye

Catherine Skye

Catherine has a vibrant, lively and energetic approach to her music — come see her perform at the Landmark Showcase Festival.


Catherine Skye is a rising star in the Toronto-area music community who has been chosen to perform this Friday, January 6th as part of the Landmark Showcase Festival at Revival Bar in Toronto.

With a vibrant, lively and energetic approach to music, she blends a number of musical inspirations to put a new spin on the Pop genre, including R&B, Jazz and EDM, to come up with her own, unique sound.

The Landmark Showcase Festival offers Independent artists the opportunity to play and showcase in the best mid-size venues in North America. At the event, Catherine will be performing in front of her fans, along with music industry representatives who will be there to choose the best artists to win music development grants offered by Landmark.

From a very young age, Catherine was captivated by the performing arts, with a passion to incorporate an artistic expression in everything she touches. Having grown up seeing live musicals in Toronto, Catherine is driven to emulate the greatness and creativity she has seen in the performers on stage.

To attend the Landmark Showcase Festival to see Catherine Skye and other performers, tickets can be purchased in advance HERE.

Catherine Skye Tickets to Landmark Showcase Festival at Revival
Friday, January 6, 2017 — ALL AGES EVENT
Doors Open @ 3:30PM – Show @ 3:45PM
783 College St, Toronto, ON

Recently, Catherine also reached #8 on the Radio Indie Alliance, Kingston Q108. The ranking can be seen HERE. Catherine was also chosen this past summer to compete at the 2016 CNE Rising Star Talent Competition where she received feedback that she is a ‘natural performer’.

To see an advance look at the type of performance Catherine Skye will be doing at the Landmark Showcase Festival on January 6th, check out her cover version of Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy found HERE.