Vimeo released an interview with Selena Gomez discussing what “Girl Power” means to her. This original video from Seventeen Magazine relinquishes Selena’s point of view on the competitive atmosphere among women. She also delves into the self-confidence needed by women to face day-to-day challenges.

The Modern Musician

Selena Gomez has been in the music industry for a while and has even worked as an actress and a songwriter as well. She knows better than anyone what it takes to succeed, and she understands the pressures that young artists are under. Building a brand can be tough, especially now that social media is more complex than ever. Plus, once an aspiring artist lands a gig or a record deal, there are legal and technical hoops to jump through before any music can be made and shared. It’s a lot to cover!

Selena Gomez reports in the interview that the most important skill for her has been maintaining her confidence. She has had to be her own advocate, often fighting for her right to produce music the way she wants it to sound. However, at the end of the day, her fans are incredibly grateful for the authentic product she delivers. Even though it can be hard to stay true to oneself in the music industry today, it can actually deeply benefit the modern musician by cultivating deep and personal relationships with fans.

At the end of the day, musicians are artists. They should make creating quality work that they can be proud of their absolute priority. If you want to check out more interviews by Selena Gomez, or other videos with advice for young musicians, see the source material at the Vimeo website.

Navigating the Industry

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