Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the popularity of social media. This article from describes the importance of close friendships in the music world.

Networking and Friendships in the Music World

Networking brings obvious benefits for a musician: you can book more gigs, get invited to more shows, and generally be more knowledgeable about the music community that you are a part of it. However, there is also an incredible personal benefit to forming close friendships with other musicians. As an artist, you might find yourself always touring, songwriting, and working with other industry professionals. It can be easy to let your personal life stay on hold while you build your career. But, why not combine networking, something you already do for your career, with building close personal relationships?

What Does It Mean to Have a Close Relationship?

There are a lot of different ways that people stay connected in the digital age. However, interactions over social media can often become one-dimensional and shallow. This author reports: “I’ve always felt pressure to have as many friends as possible (now more than ever because of social media). Like a lot of people, I fall prey to comparing myself and the number of “likes” and connections I get on my social media posts with the numbers other people receive, and I let myself feel inferior when I don’t receive as many “likes” or followers.” However, this way of thinking can become unhealthy. Everyone needs a close circle of friends that they can trust and confide in. The article’s author grew to have the same understanding, writing: “To my inner circle of friends, I am more than anything that could ever be portrayed on social media, and they are just as much to me.”

So, next time you’re on tour or at a gig, strike up a conversation with the other artists you meet. No one understands your life better than a fellow artist, and you can both benefit from the many benefits of a close friendship. If you want to read more about how networking can lead to life-long friendships, see the source article at the I Am That Girl website.

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