Nothing can compare to the sound of live music. Artists owe it to their fans a performance that beats the sound quality of albums.

DIY musician gives us more tips on live sound. Here are 3 tips on making your shows sound professional.

1. Stage Setup. This step seems simple, but it is very important to make sure everything is placed optimally and organized well before you begin. Otherwise, it may be too late to fix things without awkwardly stopping your set. To prevent feedback while performing, you might consider making sure you play close to your amp, and that it is facing your head. If you sing with a mic, be sure that it is facing away from other speakers and monitors. Otherwise, the mic and the other speakers will create an unpleasant feedback loop minutes into your set.

2. Venue Setup. Stage setup is all about what makes it easiest for you to play your set. However, venue setup is just as important because it makes sure that your audience is getting a more memorable, impressive live sound experience. One thing you might consider is making sure the venue speakers are raised off the ground. If they are, for example, sitting on the floor below the stage, then the audience at the front will get overly loud sound, while the audience in the back will have totally different tones and muffled sound. If the venue isn’t set up the way you want it, you can always ask for help from a soundperson, or another person working the event. It helps to show up early to leave plenty of time to deal with these potential problems. Your audience will thank you!

3. Communication with the Soundperson. This tip is extra important because of the amount of control the soundperson has over the venue. They are the only ones who can do things like add more vocals to the monitor, lend you a spare mic, and make a louder sound in the venue. Make sure that you cultivate a friendly relationship with your soundperson; you can even tip if you would like.Get more tips about creating successful live sound at your performance at DIY musician.

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