Music Samples

Music sampling is a very thin line. While it is great to play around with, nothing is worse when someone blatantly steals from another artist. So to avoid all the legal drama here are some tips from the site hyperbot on how to properly use music samples.

How to Find Music Samples

  1. Use The Creative Commons – Creative Commons is a great resource if you’re looking for artistic work that is free to use. Everything on the site is legal to sample, and it’s organized into a convenient search system. To use it, just type in what you would like to find and scroll through your results!
  2. Search The Public Domain – Artists always have the firsts rights to their work. However, sometimes these rights expire. When this happens, the work enters the public domain and becomes safe to sample. You might try searching a site like for free music samples.
  3. Make The Sample Unrecognizable – There’s technically no law against being inspired. If you really need to use a sample in your mix, you can always try to build your own sound around it so that the original outside work won’t be recognized. This can be risky though so don’t try it unless you’re very confident that you can pull it off.
  4. Use Sample Sites that Offer Royalty-Free Sample Packs -Some sites provide free sample packs of audio that are great for a beginner musician to use. It’s a great resource if you want something new in your next mix, or if you’re just looking for inspiration in general. And, you can rest assured that all of your samples are free and fair to use. Try a site like
  5. Clear Your Sample – If you absolutely must use a copyrighted sound, you can always try to clear the sample yourself. However, most recordings are owned by both the record label and the artists, making this a time consuming and often expensive option. Usually, it’s just better to stick to the royalty-free sample options above. If you want to learn more about using music samples, see the Hyperbot website for the source article.

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