DIY musician has provided a great and detailed post on the steps needed to get your music blog up and running. If that interests you, keep reading!

A Quick Guide to Music Blog Management

1. Properly Size Your Images: Because your blog is the online face of your brand, you want it to look professional. Nothing looks more amateur than grainy, cut-off images on your website, so make sure that you take the time to properly size them. You can do this with an expensive program like Photoshop or the free photo editor that comes installed on your PC; there is no excuse for missing this necessary step. You may not think so at first, but it’s the little details that make all the difference.

2. Have a Post Schedule: You can cultivate a more dedicated following if your fans know when to expect your content. Have a regular post schedule and make content goals. For example, maybe you will plan to post to your music blog once a week on Friday. With your schedule planned, you can start to use other forms of social media to remind your fans to look forward to your content.

3. Post at the Right Time of Day: This can get tricky if you’re speaking to fans across the globe, but most artists find that it serves them to prioritize the time zone they are in. Make sure your posts are relatively early in the day, but not so early that people are still doing their morning commutes. This way people will have the maximum amount of time to view your content. When you have a large following you can play around with these schedules a bit more. You might consider, for example, dropping a single onto your website at midnight.

4. Know Your Audience: Keep in mind who your posts are reaching out to. Are they adults? Teenagers? Children? Adjust you tone according to who you think will be reading your posts. This will keep your content popular and engaging. To read more about how to target your audience with your own music blog, see the source material at the DIY musician website.

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