Having a music fan-page is completely necessary for this age of social media. It builds an online presence as well as helping you receive feedback from fans.

David Andrew Wiebe from musicindustryhowto gives great advice to up-and-coming artists on how to get “likes” on Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Musicians

  1. Reach a Bigger Audience: One of the most obvious reasons to use Facebook marketing, in general, is the huge amount of fans you can reach at once. Even if you have a really strong local presence, social media is always going to be a more efficient way to spread the news about your music career.
  2. Know Your Scope: Facebook lets you see how many people are interacting with your content. This can allow you to measure what kinds of posts are succeeding with our audience and which ones aren’t. Then you can adjust your content so that you reach the highest number of fans possible.
  3. Build a Network: Amazing musicians exist all over the world. Why should distance keep you from collaborating with talented artists from outside your hometown? With Facebook, other artists can reach out to you with networking opportunities, and you can reach out to them with the knowledge that they’ll recognize your social media brand.

Tips for Facebook Marketing

  1. Know Your Target Audience: When you’re making online content, keep in mind that you’re not trying to reach every single person in the world. Curate your own personal aesthetic and tone so that current and future fans will feel interpolated by your social media presence. Plus, building a personal brand can be a lot of fun!
  2. Stay Active: Part of a successful Facebook marketing campaign comes from fan interaction. To motivate your fans to interact with your content, you need to post regularly and prove to them that you care about their input. This is also a great reason to post links to your other social media accounts; dedicated fans will want to check out everything you post! If you want to read more about how fans and musicians work together in the online sphere, see the source article at the Music Industry How-to website.

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