Does Age Matter in the Music Industry?

Close your eyes and picture a new person performing music. Was the artist young and gifted, or was the performer older and experienced? Does age matter? The glorified version of the music industry tends to paint the picture of a youthful artist for us, but why? There are a lot of internal and external biases that lead us to consider youth as synonymous with possibility and success.

However, the truth is that there is nothing stopping older performers from joining the scene, and younger artists aren’t necessarily guaranteed success.

Many new artists become concerned that they may never be a “star,” or a person that everyone will recognize whether they’re a fan or not. But, there are different measures of success in the modern music industry. For example, there are not many people who are becoming huge names in the pop culture scene. Instead, there are a lot of artists who appeal to a niche group of fans who really appreciate their work.

In fact, there are independent artists doing this in great numbers. Musicians who practice in any genre can succeed this way. Most have full-time careers earning money through concert fees, royalties, music sales, streams, YouTube ads, and merchandise.

Each individual musician can decide what success means to them and work towards that goal, no matter how old they are. People can start to gain recognition for their music not just past their twenties, but even at 50+ years old. Taking the first step towards building a career is what separates hobbyists from professionals, which is what makes success within anyone’s reach! To learn more about how you can make it in the music industry, check out the source article at the DIY Musician website.

Making music can be fun, therapeutic, and a way to connect with a community of people who appreciate the time and energy you pour into your creative work. Not to mention, nothing is more validating than seeing sales rise as you continue to grow as an artist and as a professional. To see how Canyon can help you grow your musical career, contact us today at info(at)