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We Empower People Through Music

What We Do

We represent a roster of high-caliber artists who inspire their fans every day.

By constantly learning from our talented array of singers, songwriters and producers, we strive to create music and live events that spur positive change.

As Canyon Entertainment grows, we’re looking for a diverse range of artists who share in our vision of motivating others with their music.

Featured Artists

As Canyon Entertainment Group grows, we’re looking for dedicated new artists to help break onto the world stage.

Girl Pow-R




Game of Thrones Composer Wows Onlookers with the Nintendo Labo Piano 

The Nintendo Labo is the latest accessory for the Switch console. The accessory encourages the user to take a hands-on approach, as they have to assemble the attachment on their own out of cardboard. To test how useful the Nintendo Labo piano accessory is, famous composer of the Game of Thrones theme, Ramin Djawadi, put…

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Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Takes Sugarland Back to the Top With New Single “Babe”

Years after Sugarland’s breakup, the duo has officially reunited. Disappointed by the results of their first released single since reuniting, “Still the Same”, Sugarland has teamed up with megastar Taylor Swift in hopes of making it back on the charts. Having originally composed the song for her album Red, Swift has gifted the song to…

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Vinyl Records: Every Music Fan Should Own These Albums on a Nostalgic Format

Vinyl records may have been surpassed by compact disks and again by digital music as the primary platform of music distribution, but that hasn’t stopped old and new fans from choosing to listen to their favorite songs on the nostalgic format. The popularity of vinyl hasn’t gone unnoticed by music artists and distributors as many…

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Why Personalized One-on-One Instruction is the Best Approach to Music Lessons

When it comes to music lessons for a child, nothing beats personalized one-on-one instruction. Positive, undivided attention from adults is essential to a child’s social and emotional development and private music lessons offer that kind of learning experience.

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The Importance of Self Worth

Most everyone questions how others view them, but how often do we take the time to recognize how we feel about ourselves? This article from Psychalive discusses why we should evaluate our own self-worth & steps to improve it. Too often we rate ourselves based on...
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